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Vermont Glove

Wool Glove Liner

Wool Glove Liner

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Merino wool glove liner

Vermont Glove signature merino wool glove liner, crafted seamlessly to upgrade your summer gloves to winter-ready ones. 

A quick guide to the Vermont Glove merino glove liners:

  1. The right liner size might feel a tad loose, ensuring it remains inside when you take off your glove.
  2. They perform best if you've worn and broken in your gloves solo before sliding in these liners.
  3. Pairing these liners with new work gloves? The fit might feel snug initially, but rest assured, the leather gloves will mold to your hands and liners after a few wears.
  4. Their adaptability means you can sport your gloves with or sans woolen warmth.
  5. Always have an extra liner pair (or more) to swap out the sweat-laden ones. Or simply give them a wash every so often.
  6. Liner content: 79% Merino wool, 19% nylon, 2% elastic.


  • Merino wool keeps you warm even when wet
  • Knit in our Net Zero factory in Randolph, VT
  • Magically transforms summer gloves into winter gloves


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