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Johnson Woolen Mills

Northwoods X 1842 Wool Pants

Northwoods X 1842 Wool Pants

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The Northwoods 1842 pant has been specifically redesigned and reconfigured by Northwoods Whitetails and Johnson Woolen Mills offering the lightest weight 100% wool pant to hit the market. Designed to deliver the highest performance in the widest range of weather conditions from September to June.

This pant is the go to pant for trackers, still hunters, and hikers. Redesigned with an athletic fit, taper legs and reconfigured pockets front and back with a water-repellent lining.

*Please add a note to your order if you would like suspender buttons added or need the inseam hemmed.

Material: 100% Worsted Wool 11oz

Proudly made in Johnson, VT


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Customer Reviews

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kevin E Grant
Field Tested May 24'

I am a Maine Registerd Guide. I must work/hunt reguardless of weather conditions. I wore these pants in May of 24' in three States (ME., NH., VT,.) turkey hunting and a spring black bear hunt in New Brunswick. Tempatures ranged from 28 - 75 degrees. Wore them in rain, drizzle, fog, heavy dew, cold and heat. They are impressive. The weave is tight ( windproof and bugproof!) The fit is athlectic but not baggy. Pockets are deep, sturdy, and secure. They are quiet, quick drying, and comfortable. The color blends in with a varity of foliage. They are now at the dry cleaners to get cleaned for a busy fall! Very versatle. You won't regret the purchase. ( If Johnsons has any other products you want geninuely field tested , I would be happy to have that conversation!)

Joey I
LOVE them

I love these pants! I live in Alaska, so they definitely see their fair share of cold weather. without a base layer they are very warm, but if you add a base layer underneath , they have become my favorite pants for late season hunting. I wish they would come out with a few new colors!


Good pants. It’s difficult to find well made wool pants in lighter weights. My two main suggestions would be a button fly and other color options (especially brown).

Good Pant Overall

Classic Northern Pennsylvania mid-October day yesterday. Temps in the mid-40's and rain showers throughout the day. Roamed the woods all day in these. Perfect for the temperatures. They are quiet in the brush and repelled water fairly well. When they did wet through, I was still warm, and they would dry quickly when the rain stopped. Length seems to be a tad bit long for the normal 34" inseam I wear, and I wish they had suspender buttons. Look forward to more woods time with these.

Hey Brent,

Thanks for the review! Glad the pants have held up. Noted on the 34' inseam and suspender buttons. If you're up for it, send them back our way and we'll throw some suspender buttons on for you.

favorite pant

Finally found a pant that I don't over heat in. I have worn these in 70 degrees with no base layer and 40 with a thin base layer. They have regulated body temperature perfectly. They are very durable and repel water better than a traditional wool pant.