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Johnson Woolen Mills

100% Wool Traditional Mackinaw

100% Wool Traditional Mackinaw

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The Traditional Mackinaw Jacket features heavy 24 oz – 100% wool construction. Fully insulated with a detachable hood,  reinforced collar, cuffed sleeves, two-way heavy duty zipper, snap front closure and game pouch. Also featuring, two muff pockets, inside breast pocket, two chest pockets with snap and two lower pockets.  Only available in our classic Red & Black Small Stag pattern.


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Customer Reviews

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Cathy Anderson
Coats wearability

My husband has had this wool hunting coat for as long as we have married 45 years ! It has the removalable hood and back area where he puts his birds that he shoots in!
This coat is amazing as it still looks brand new ! Not a tear , worn spots , strings hanging out and far superior to LL Beans plaid hunting coat that our daughter bought for herself as her coat is maybe 10 years old and it looks worn and colors have faded !
Johnson wool hunting coats are amazing work of art, great workmanship that will keep you warm in the freezing winter temps of Maine and upper Quebec but wear long John’s when you are in - below temps ! Keep up the great craftsmanship ! You outdo LL Bean !!

Ron petersen
Pure comfort

I purchased this jacket last is very comfortable in below zero weather. It could had slash pockets and the sleeves can be roomier. Great jacket.

Serious coat for battling the cold

If you live where the temperatures drop down to less than 0, then this is the coat to keep you warm. I have worn it out in -25 F and the cold didnt bother me. Blocks wind nicely and if your core and arms are warm, it helps keep your hands warmer too so helps if you are prone to cold hands like me.